Stop Ecocide Laws 5, Land grabbing

Stop Ecocide Laws 5, Land grabbing 1

Fri Debatt publicerar del 5 av 6 av Mats Jangdals artikelserie ”Stop Ecocide Laws”. Del 6 publiceras på lördag.

PH claims that criminalization of any such initiative to touch or affect nature, would create ”generational equity”. Nature will be saved or preserved for coming generations. The people promoting such an idea seems to have no understanding of how nature works. It cannot be preserved, evolution and constant change, remember? The nature being passed on to future generations will not be the kind we see today. It will be much more difficult for our inheritors to extract a decent living out of that environment.

The demise of economy, resulting in general poverty, with such a law is not taken into account in the deliberation. They advocate a complete and general bureaucratic land grabbing that will make those capable of feeding and supporting the rest of society criminals for it. This is by far the most grand scheme plan to extinguish mankind yet.

In the intermission I sought more clarification. So I asked if the law would be applicable to natural events of change? For example, if a volcano in Hawaii or Iceland started letting out lots of lava, affecting the surrounding environment. PH said that the entire world would be responsible for cleaning up or at least mitigate the damages of such an event. In some cases people allowing human activities where such incidents occur may be held accountable by the law.

PH in the lecture emphasized that we are exposed to massive propaganda against the initative to save the world. The propaganda comes from two sources, big companies and governments. She described the companies so that everyone knew she meant Big Oil, but in consistency with the lawyer’s domination game she did not say the word. These companies and governments were deemed having all the money to support this sordid propaganda.

The purist intrisicalists were described, at the meeting, as having nothing else to rely on but the numbers of followers they could raise to argue for their just cause of saving the planet. They absurdly hold the false notion that property owners invariably will destroy, not only their own property, but also all others. Therefore they have to gain control over the entire planet, because they know better how to safeguard it from total destruction. This is pure scare mongering! These intrinsicalists rarely own any property themselves.

According to Wikipedia: ”Propaganda is the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandist.”

A JOHARI window, or JOHARI matrix is a model for analyzing. Originaly it was designed for controlling bit streams in digital environments. But it also serves well for analyzing arguments or positions. Think of a window divided by a cross into four sections. Upper hand left has the signs 1.1, as in one and one. Upper hand right has 1.0, as in one and zero. Lower hand left has 0.1 and lower hand right has 0.0.

This may be interpreted as follows. 1.1 is what is plain to see or know for all. 1.0 is plain for me or us, but hidden or unknown for you or them. 0.1 is hidden for us, but plain for them and 0.0 is of course hidden for all.

If we analize the intrinsicalist arguments, they claim that we, the anthropocentrics, are wrong about our perceptions about 1.0. They claim to know better than us what we know. That’s a staggering claim! But also, they claim to know what’s in the 0.0 section. That is most certainly supernatural powers!

These stealth arguments of intrinsicalism works very much like what Yuri Bezmenov described as the communist method of psychological warfare (in Swedish). Since very few people know what the term intrinsicalism means it becomes a code word for those privy to the secret. Thereby it helps demoralize and destabilize the anthropocentric civilization, making it susceptible to crisis and normalization of a new order, a new leadership with a new paradigm for running things.